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BE16 Deduplication Option make Windows OS Crash

Our BE16 uses HPE Storeasy 1650, OS is Windows Storage Server 2012R2. When the Deduplication option is enabled, it will work for a period of time (about one or two days), the system will live and cannot be used, I see the following error on the OS.Please help me to see how to solve this problem, thanks

Image 66.jpgImage 67.jpg


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Re: BE16 Deduplication Option make Windows OS Crash


Can you confirm that Dedupe was configured as per Veritas' recommendations?

In addition to OS and regular BE memory requirements, the BE server should have 1.5GB of memory for every 1TB of dedupe storage.

So, for example -  if BE and OS needs 16GB memory and you have 10TB dedupe storage, you will need another 15GB (10 x 1.5GB) of memory.
This means the server should have about 32GB memory in this case.