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BE16: Duplicate, identical media-id on different tapes

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for one backup server I recognized, that there are several tapes, that have an identical Media-ID (German: Medien-ID).


Reading up the manuals I can only find statements telling, that it's impossible to modify the Media-ID.

The result of this situation is, that these at least three groups of 2 or 3 tapes are the exactly same tape from the point of view of BE16, even though they are physically different tapes.

here: Tape "January" and "February" are one "pair-of-identical-IDs", so are "March" and "April", and "June", "July" and "August".

Q1: How is ist possible, that this happens at all?

Q2: Howto fix the wrong (identical) Media?
Q2a: Or if this is not possible with BE16, can I "low level format" with some tool running on Windows 2016 Server Standard, to get rid of these wrong, identical media IDs?



Y-03-Maerz = 5435abac-2396-44d8-ab3d-6275de6c5497
Y-ß4-April = 5435abac-2396-44d8-ab3d-6275de6c5497

Y-06-JuNi = ec1f7587-fec0-4d72-a6ad-406ec91da4e6
Y-07-JuLi = ec1f7587-fec0-4d72-a6ad-406ec91da4e6
Y-08-August = ec1f7587-fec0-4d72-a6ad-406ec91da4e6


CU, Rudi.



I have heard of this happening very rarely.  I don't tink it is ever "supposed" to happen.

I believe the solution is to use the tape drive vendor tools to erase or recycle those media cartridges.  For IBM drives, use ITDT.  For HPE drives, us Library & Tape Tools.

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You need to do the following:-

1) Associate all the tapes with the same media id with the Retired media set, right-click on each one and delete it.

2) After deleting the tapes, inventory and catalog the tapes.

This will give you one tape entry for each tape.  You don't have to erase or format them.