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BE16 NetApp Cluster Aware Backups

Level 4

Hi All,

Been a while since I have been on here.

Does anyone know whether BE16 supports NDMP CAB or in other words SVM NDMP options. Managed to get it working on the older products using node-scope mode, however I see it does not support browsing of the volumes, which is only available in CAB setups, which previous BE products dont support.


Oh, I have looked through the docs that are available so far, but I have not seen anything specific other than "NDMP is supported"


Level 6

The HCL should clarify what is supported.

Thanks Larry, that is the document I was looking for.

Found this:

NetApp clustered data ONTAP (CDOT) features such as service name virtualization and multi-tenancy (VSERVER) capabilities are not supported. Node-scoped NDMP mode is required to be enabled.