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BE16&Exchange DAG - Can restore database but can't restore individual items (GRT)

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I am using BackupExec 16 to backup Exchange 2010 DAG consisting of two nodes. Every Friday I run full backup of Microsoft Information Store and all other days I run incremental backup job. In backup definition, on Instant GRT tab "Run a full catalog...after backup job finishes" is selected and on Microsoft Exchange tab "Use Backup Exec GRT to enable...restore of individual mailboxes" is selected for both - Full and Incremental backups. Verification is performed at end of every backup job.

Every day backup job runs as scheduled and completes as sucessful. No error or exeception..

BUT, when I try to perform restore of individual mailbox intem from some of backups, I am not able to restore individual items. During restore wizard, if I select option to restore exchange databases or storage groups, I can browse thorugh backups and I see that every backup contains exchange database files and logs. If I select option to restore Microsoft Exchange Mailbox items in restore wizard, I am presented with same list of backup sets in resorce view, but some of them do not show "Database" from wich I could select mailbox from wich I would like to perform individual item restore - see attached picture. I have expanded every backup set, only some of them show database.

What should I do to be able to use granular recovery from every backup of exchange databases?


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In the restore job, select mailbox items and in the selections screen try to expand the database under full backup. Let us know if it shows inidvidual mailboxes under the database. If any error please report back.

Where is this data being backed up? What is the retention for this backup sets specified in the backup job? Please share the job logs of full backup on 9 February and then incremental till 14 February.