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BE16 eject tape


 on my old BE12.5 it is possible to eject tape after the backup/ verify job is finished. It sends the notification mail automatically.

In BE16 I  have to click OK after the tape is ejected and the mail is sent afterwards.

What I want to achieve: mail gets sent immediately after backup job is finished and me or someone else changes the tape in the morning. Is there something like auto-inventory (old tape is removed, new one is inserted and the drive automatically knows there is another tape? Currently the tape drive is in stat: no media)





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Re: BE16 eject tape

You probably had an auto acknowledge of the alert for the media removal warning message set in 12.5 as we have not changed this behaviour across multiple BE versions and almost certainly going back to before 12.5


Bascially without an auto-acknowledge of the alert the the eject request (including the response to the alert) is considered to be part of the backup job and the job will not finish until the alert is acknowledged. The e-mail for job completion is only sent once the job actually finishes which does not happen if the alert is not answered