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BE20.6 won't delete expired sets

My backups are fairly straightforward, backing up to disks. No de-duping. No SDR.

I have lots of backup sets that are expired but won't get removed. For example, one set is from 2015, expired probably 4 years ago. Its a snapshot full backup, if I right click and say "show dependent sets", it shows nothing dependent. (I even have the option "Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets" set to true). It hasn't been deleted in the last 4 years, even though I'm completely out of storage space.

How can I force these sets to be deleted? I'm willing to go and manually delete each one of them at this point, but all I can do is expire them it seems, and expiring them does nothing.

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Re: BE20.6 won't delete expired sets

Check if DLM (Data Lifecycle Management) is disabled, steps in following article :

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Re: BE20.6 won't delete expired sets

Thanks for the pointer (gave me more to learn about), but ultimately it didn't help. Other sets expired in the meantime and space was reclaimed, so my backups are continuing again even though these ancient, huge backups are still hanging around. No matter what I try I can't get these to delete. I wish there was a log file somewhere that you report *why* a particular expired backup wasn't deleted.


Re: BE20.6 won't delete expired sets

Please check Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) Backup Chain and Dependency Rules mentioned in following technote :

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