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BE2010 Slow Windows 2008 System State Backup

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Has anyone tried BE2010 with a 2008 server system state backup?  I'm seeing the same problem I saw with 12.5 that the system state slows to a crawl during backup.  This was supposedly fixed in 12.5sp2, but apparantly it's still an issue in 12.5 -, and I'm seeing it in 2010

Here are the results of backing up a 2008R2 Enterprise DC with BE2010 installed (latest live updates) attached to a LTO3 drive on an HP DL380G5.

c: drive backup:
Backed up 11514 files in 2660 directories.
Processed 13,728,690,754 bytes in  3 minutes and  31 seconds.
Throughput rate: 3723 MB/min
Compression Type: Hardware
System State backup:
Backed up 18 System State components
Processed 6,972,047,332 bytes in  24 minutes and  2 seconds.
Throughput rate: 277 MB/min
Compression Type: Hardware

When I backup a 2003 server I have no performance issues.  Hopefully I'm not the only one seeing issues!


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After updating Backup Exec, did you update the remote agent ?

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He Zero - yeah - I updated all remote agents.  It's better than it was, but still very slow...

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I installed R3 and the remote agents and now my system state backups on my 2008 R2 servers are back to normal - even slightly faster than they were pre- Server 2008 R2.

Now I can stop my convoluted - native windows sys-state backup to a remote share which is then backed up by backup exec.

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Just in case those of you had the problem with slow system state backup then upgraded to R3 and fix the speed problem but appear another problem with stalled system state backup, see this forum:

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This issue is now fixed in,

BE2010 R3 :

BEWS 12.5 SP2 :

You may also try applying the performance patches mentioned in Technote :

Hope this helps.