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BE2010-The drive hardware is offline. Why? Its powered and cabled properly.

Hi folks-

I've created new backup jobs that I believe are configured correctly. Ive placed a new tape into the server running BE2010. I'm getting

Device error: The drive hardware is offline.

Please confirm that the drive hardware is powered on and properly cabled.

It is. Ive checked it several times.

Simply checking ONLINE doesn't work as it informs me that BE will "detect if the device is online."

Am I missing a step here, or am I missing something completely?

Thanks in advance!



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Is the Drive detected in the

Is the Drive detected in the Windows Device Manager?

RE: Edit BE2010-The drive hardware is offline

From the Devices Tab, is the tape drive online and ready?

Hi,   Just to add to what's



Just to add to what's been mentioned above, you can do the following:

1. Check and make sure your drive is on the supported HCL for BE 2010.

2. Download and install the latest Syantec DDI drivers for your device. If you're running Removable Storage Service (assuming this is Win2K3), stop and disable it too.

3. Download your drive manufacturer's hardware test utility and after stopping BE's services, run the diagnostic tests to check for any hardware issues. You can confirm this by going into the Devices tab of BE, clicking your device and checking for any Hard Write errors...this indicates a likely hardware issue.

4. Completely uninstall the device from within BE, and then Windows Device Manager and disconnect the drive. Restart Windows, let it boot and make sure it doesn't show up there. Shut down the server, reconnect the drive and let it start up and allow to complete it's initialisation. Start up the server, install the Symantec drivers again and try a job once more.



If its a tape drive check the

If its a tape drive check the cable.  Had the same problem and it turned out that one of the pins in the SCSI cable was recessed.  Everything seemed fine but when I ran an inventory the job would go offline.  Took a while to figure it out.  Pulled the pin out with a pliers and the problem was fixed.