BE2010 and Compatibility with OEL 5.3


Need to know the Road Map for OEL 5.3 compatibility . As we hear from our customer that its been 2 yrs since 5.3 was released and most of the customer sites are on this patch level so why is just 5.1 supported instead of 5.3 ? Its getting really tough to target oracle customers . 

Requesting someone to share the Road Map so that we can target accordingly.

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Hi there,   The link below is

Hi there,


The link below is for BE 2010 R2's SCL...OEL 5.3 isn't listed, meaning no support at the moment...



I'd suggest doing 2 things:


1. Heading on over to the BE 2010 R3 Beta page, asking to sign up, and once done, post the same query on the internal forum...maybe even test BE 2010 R3 with OEL 5.3.

2. Go to the Ideas section and post this as an idea...enough thumb's up might see this being considered for later versions!