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BE2010 import old 12.5 DB?

Level 4
I have a Windows 2008 X64 server running BE2010 which has a LTO 5 autoloader attached and works fine. I also have a Windows 2003 X32 server running 12.5D which has a LTO4 autoloadwe attached and again works fine. Problem is i want to decom the 2003 server and LTO 4 autoloader but i would ideally like to export the catalog and inport onto the new BE 2010 server so if i need to restore from LTO 4 i can use the new server to hunt through the backup history. Can this be done or am i asking to much?

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
this can be done without much problem but you can't see both server catalog at the same time. You can see only 1 at a time.
You have to just rename the catalog folders

1> if you want to see the 2003 catalog then copy this folder from xp machine and copy it to c:\program files\symantec \backup exec location of ws 2008 server. Make sure you rename the existing one to catalog.lto5 or anything that suits you.

2> You can also change the default location from tools - options - catalogs
change the catalog location to any location whenever you have the catalog folder.

But this way you can see only 1 machine catalog at a time and i don't think that will be a problem as you will be only accessing it when you need 2003.

Make sure you have to restart the BE services after doing this.