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BE2010 licencing with Hyper-V and remote agent

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After 3 attempts to call Symantec for an answer (robots, diff depts and eventually to various non-english speaking girls who are absolutely useless) I would like to try here if possible.

We have a server running AD, DNS, DHCP and also acts as a file server.  We use BE2010 to back it up.  We now have also created a VM on this server, running Windows 2008 / SharePoint.  I have installed the Windows Remote Agent on this virtual server and am backing up the files from the media server on physical box.  No issues, all is fine (I don't want to backup Hyper-V config or Sharepoint data).  My question is do I now also need to purchase a licence for the remote agent even though it is on the same physical box?

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Yes you would need to purchase the remote agent license as you are performing the backup via remote agent does not matter if machine is virtual or phsical bottom line is you would need a remote agent license for each server you backup using Remote agent . ONly for workstation you like xp you dont need license (you need licesne to backup vista and windows 7)

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Even if you are backing up a file share on another machine and did not load the remote agent, you will need a licence to comply with licencing terms.