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BE2010 locking profiles

We have a single Server 2003 box running Terminal services.
The backups are scheduled each night and complete the following morning.

We recently upgraded BE from v11d to v2010.

Since then we are having problems with profiles locking after the backup completes.

If I restart the server then problem goes away.
If I do not run the backup then then the problem doesn't appear.

It doesn't seem to make a different if AFO is enabled for the backup or not.
I have also tried things like eliminating the system state for the selection -> problem still exists.

The server was running SEP which can apparently cause problems but SEP has now been removed.

Any ideas?

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I did install the HIVE

I did install the HIVE cleanup service to see what is going on.

There were some events regarding RTVscan.exe which would have been when SEP was loaded. (KHCU\Software\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\AV\Custom Tasks (0x808) was preventing the profile from being unloaded).

I removed these task manually using regedit, and the error still persisted.

I then removed SEP... so I don't think it is related to SEP.

It looks like this problem

It looks like this problem might have been caused by a degraded RAID array.
Will advise further once I am certain that the problem is fixed.

Ok - false alarm the problem

Ok - false alarm the problem still exists. Does anyone have any ideas?