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BE2010 upgrade to BE2012

Level 3

Hi everyone

Does anyone try to do an upgrade from version 2010 R3 to 2012? I just did a test on a temporary virtual Server to see how it goes for my new backup server and now I run into several, let's say not neccessary technical issue:

- old Server total jobs 157, new BE2012 313!!

- I now have a report "Data Migration Report" that was created after migration and it has about 32 pages... So I quickly go through it and try to understand whats happening. From my understanding I need to go through all backup jobs that was listed here to make sure the backup will be done the right way? So this took me around 3h to make 20 Servers (we have around 95 servers to back up)...

- on several migrated jobs I noticed changes in the selection list (especial some with exludes for folders). For example several drives were not selected at all but on the old BE2010 they are selected. The jobs are listed in the Migration Report but if you will do the update on an existing Server and don't note down all the selection lists you got totally lost!

- is it possible to add comments on the selection list/Job? In the past I add this for my other Admins to let them now an exlude of a drive was by purpose. I can't find this anymore.

- In general I'm not get used to the new User interface, maybe this will take some time (I hope so) but if you work with BE since V9 it is hard to find what you are looking for...

So I decide to stop with the migration and wait for the new BE2012 R2. I also signed to the Beta program... Hope they will release BE2012 R2 soon.



Level 4


BE 2012 has moved to "resource-centric" model where you configure and monitor from the perspective of servers rather than backup jobs. That is the reason why you are seeing difference in number of jobs. Also in BE 2012 there is no concept of selection list.

To know more about BE 2012 new things please check below post