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BE2012 Catalog Error - (catalog'ing BE2010R3 tape), Encryption Key cannot be retrieved

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Greetings All,

I am experiencing issues cataloging a tape, the tape was created using BE 2010 (r3), issue being with the encryption key not being found.

I set up the key correctly (I created the original installs so the key is definitely correct). However BE2012 keeps slinging out "The encryption key required by this set (Key Name: BLAH) cannot be retrieved........" etc. (see attachment - Alerting for Key & Key in Situ)

I have raised a call with support, hoever the recommended "fix" was to install SP3, this might fix the issue, however as it requires a change process this end, I figured seeing if anyone else experieced this would be a great start as I wont get the upgrade approve this week.

Any comment/help would be great.



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...I would stick with the Symantec recommendations on this to be honest. Otherwise just wait till you can get Change Control to do the restore after restarting the server.


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The pass phrase might have been entered wrongly. Delete the encryption key and let BE prompt you for the pass phrase

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Here is the Technote explaining your issue and the solution (upgrade) to help validate requesting the upgrade 

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thanks for the comments.


Imosla, you hit the nail on the head I had found that article, however the fix is in SP2 (which we ARE running) so one assume that the fix didn't apply to cataloging, just to restores.

I will naturally upgrade to SP3 anyway, but wanted to check if anyone else had encountered the issue and knew of a fix.

I will keep this thread updated for completeness when I do find a fix etc, so should anyone else experience this they'll have a solution.