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BE2012 - Error E0001402 Consistently

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I have looked through each of the five KB articles here in reference to the error E0001402. If I go to BE Icon in the top left of the console, configuration and settings, backup exec settings, Oracle, I see the server I'm trying to backup there. That server is offdomain but per KB recommendations, I've added our domain suffix to it. If I go to that VM, the agent is up. When I test credentials, everything works. The full backup runs and fails shortly after the 250gb mark and reports the E0001402 error.


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You haven't mentioned the version of Oracle and the OS on which it is installed.

Have you checked below article?


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Hi RyanJP,

check to make sure that port 5633 (the default port used by Backup Exec to backup an Oracle database) isn't being used by another program.  see

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The local firewall is off. Ran a "netstat -a" command and didn't see anything 5633.

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Windows 2008R2 on both the BE2012 server and the server being backed up.

Oracle: 11.2


Edit: Yes I have visited that link several times as that is about the only thing that comes up when searching on this error. The agent is functioning fine, everything on the Oracle tab sees the db instance.

As I alluded to in my original post, the login has been added to the BE server.

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Error: e0001402 authentication credentials list

[Desc] Error: e0001402 - The server name is not in the media server authentication certificate list. Enter the server name and its logon account on the media server. And then retry the operation.


Menu: Tools -> Options => oracle => list of changes => New

Also you can refer below link