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BE2012 P2V Failed to create the virtual disks required for the warm conversion

Hi everyone,

We have an issue we can't seem to solve. We're trying to perform a backup and conversion to a virtual machine on a Windows 2008 Standard server (x32). There aren't any spectacular roles on the machines like Exchange, SQL etc.

Our Virtual environment is vCenter Server 4.10 on ESX. The Job is setup to look at our vCenter Server based on IP, it has a (SAN) storage location assigned to place the new machine, a host for the machine and the proper credentials.


When the backup starts we very quickly recieve the following error message:

Backup Exec Alert: Job Completed with Exceptions

(Server: "SERVER17") (Job: "SERVER05 P2V-Full") Failed to create the virtual disks required for the warm conversion.


I've got Hotfix 180964 installed and am fully up to date. Anyone have any idea what we're doing wrong here?

Many thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,



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Try the stages

Try the stages individually...try the backup first...once it completes, try the P2V conversion process then instead of running it simultaneously..

Thank you for your reply. My

Thank you for your reply.

My two backup options for this are Backup to Disk THEN Convert to VM, or Backup to Disk an Simultaniously Convert to VM.

It was created with the latter I believe, so will try the first option. There is however no possibility to "just convert" it to a VM.


There is a third

There is a third alternative...Verbatim from admin guide ~

To convert to a virtual machine from a point in time
1 On the Backup and Restore tab, select the server that contains the backup
sets you want to convert.
2 In the Virtualization group, click Convert, and then select Convertto virtual
from point-in-time.

Pls attempt ackup to Disk THEN Convert to VM ...If this fails, please attempt the 3rd method..