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BE2012 Problem mit inkrementeller Sicherung


ich habe BE2012 (inkl. alles HF). Darin einen Auftrag für eine Sicherung auf Band

- Komplettsicherung
- Inkrementell

Die Komplettsicherung sichert mit die D-Platte (105 GB Daten)

Wenn ich dann aber 1 St. später die Inkrementelle Sicherung laufen lasse, sichert BE erneut 15GB Daten, obwohl keine Änderungen an den Daten durchgeführt wurden.

Ich befürchte, daß die Komplettsicherung das Archiv-Bit nicht richig setzt.

Hat dazu evtl jemand eine Idee / besser noch eine Lösung?

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Hi From your post it seems

Hi From your post it seems you are describing that full backup 105 gb and when doing incremental backup is of 15 gb, were you specifically describe there was no changes in data, still you see it has backup 15 gb of data. You have not mention what data you are doing backup as like flat files, application like Exchange ,SQL...etc. Have you tried doing backup using modified time,if it is flat file backup instead of using archive bit. Thanks.

Hi, I dont save SQL


I dont save SQL Databases.

I will wait for the next Full-Backup an the wait for the next incremental backup. The I will check, what files are BE new saving. I have di to much chnages in the jobs, so I must wait for the next times.

Hi Fine ,you can verify the

Hi Fine ,you can verify the results for full and incremental and post back results. Regards

To verify that your

To verify that your incremental backup has backed up the correct files, you can run these commands from a command prompt before the next incremental backup run.



dir /a:a /a > archive_bit_on.txt

This will list all the files with the archive bit on on your D: drive and the total size of all these files, and store it in the archive_bit_on.txt file.

After your incremental job, you can expand the backup set and see whether the files that are backed up matches those from the earlier dir run.

Also make sure that there are no house-keeping jobs or AV scans that set the archive bit.

Lastly, you can try using the modified time method to do your incremental backups.