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BE2012 - Restore Backup To A Different Server

Level 3

Took of some files from ServerA as well as it's Oracle DBs (BE Oracle Integration). I'd like to restore those files and Oracle DB to ServerB. Seems like a simple concept, but haven't been able to find a guide in my Googling. If I highlight ServerA and click restore, I went three or four screens (next next next) but ultimately canceled because I figured I was one click away from restoring to ServerA versus being given the option for redirecting towards ServerB.

Server 2008R2, BE 2012, Oracle 11.2


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Hello Ryan, After selecting the resources for restore, on the Next screen it gives option to "Restore to Original location" and other option is "Redirect restore to another location". By default the first option is selected. For redirect restore you need to select the second option radio button. Hope this helps. Thanks, -Sush...

Level 6

Hi Ryan,

I am not that familiar with Oracle but see if the following links help any