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BE2012 - Stuck Discovery Devices

Hello all,

I've been battling BE2012 for months now.  Just when I had it wrestled into completing jobs consistently, everything has gone downhill.  For some reason, my deduplication folder and my tape drives are stuck offline.  They were working without a problem this morning until I restarted the backup exec services.  If I pause and unpause them, they appear online but the discovering devices banner never goes away and my jobs refuse to run.

I (very) reluctantly just upgraded BE to SP1a in hopes that it would fix this problem.  Unfortunately, it does not seem as if it has.

Any ideas?

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Is there any tape stucked in

Is there any tape stucked in the tape drive?

Try performing a power cycle of the BE server and the tape drive.

I've power cycled the tape

I've power cycled the tape drive and the server.  Same result.

I've connected directly to the tape library and nothing is in the drive and everything looks correct there.  My B2D folder is online and it's pointing at the same volume that my dedupe folder resides on.  For some reason the dedupe and tape show as offline while the normal B2D folder is online.


Dealing with tech support on

Dealing with tech support on this issue.  I cannot state enough how much i hate this software.  As soon as things start working ok, another issue comes up that messes everything up again.

Discovering Devices

Plz make sure that the Jobs are not on "Hold job Queue" is not selected under Backup and restore.

Is the tape Drive HP.

How big is the Dedupe :

The Device and Media start up process is designed to wait for the Deduplication Engine and Deduplication Manager serivces during the Device Discovery phase.

If either service fails to start, the Device Discovery will wait up to 20 minutes before proceeding further to discover Disk Storage or Tape Storage

And it is recommended to have b2d as a seprate drive and the dedupe as a seprate drive.


Also plz make sure the postgresql service is started if not try :



I am with you 100% on hating

I am with you 100% on hating this software. It is some of the most non-user friendly software I have ever seen in my life! As a matter of fact, it takes a miracle just to get it to do a simple backup job. If I were not working for a company that uses this software, I would've dumped it a LONG time ago. I've had to take classes and study hard just to make the simplest of things work. As soon as they, it either breaks again or something else goes wrong. During the class that I took, the Symantec people seemed like they could barely figure out what was going on amongst themselves let alone get us or any people that aren't computer experts to get it to work. They even admitted that some parts of the program weren't updated for this new 2012 version just because they didn't have the time and that was the only reason. I have no idea how they stay in business at all. If anyone out there knows of a simpler software that is very user friendly to do backups, please let me know. You can email me at fields dot cotton at yahoo dot com.