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BE2012 Upgrade


I need to upgrade from BE version 2012 to BE 2015 or BE 2016. I was worry what will happen to the old backup BE 2012 data? do the backup it still able to use after i upgrade it?

Can i just upgrade the BE 2012 without uninstall it? 

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Re: BE2012 Upgrade

Yes, you can upgrade straight to either Backup Exec 15 or Backup Exec 16. The installer will detect the existing version/data and install over that version, retaining the data. Bakup Exec 16, however, is not supported (and won't install) on a 32-bit server.

See the following TechNote for more information:

Re: BE2012 Upgrade

Yes, its possible. Version 16 has been enhanced with compatibilities. We have a lot of documentation on the update and the necessary care.


Migration report:

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