BE2012 : deduplication and OST not proposed on install

Hi all,

While testing BE2012 installation vs BE1020 R3, I can't find the checkbox options I had for OST - open Storage, nor for deduplication.

I may understand that deduplciation could be included the BE2012 code .. why not ... but the OST is not presented here.

I relaunched the setup after I installed BE2012, and the fsost plugin (FalconStor), but there are no additional checkbox from the installation menu Smiley Sad

Thx all

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DeDupe and OST

Hi TempoVisitor,

The OST option is included with the DeDuplication option.

Are you using serial numbers, or running as eval? If you are using serial numbers, try removing them to go into eval and see if you see the option. Let me know what serial numbers you have entered if you are using them. I don't need the specific number, but like "A Backup Exec Server and a Exchange Option number".

Also, is this a clean machine you are installing on, or does it already have a previous version of Backup Exec running? During an upgrade, we do not let you change the configuration of certain options to simplify the upgrade process. If you had it before, then the installer is going to require you to keep it through the upgrade.

Maybe a screenshot of the page where you select the options would help to understand what you are not seeing. Can you expand the "Backup Exec Options" in your screenshot, that is where the option normally is for eval installs.

Also, is this a 32bit or 64bit machine.



You will only be presented

You will only be presented with the dedup option if the media server is a 64-bit machine.


Do you see the option to

Do you see the option to create deduplication disk storage after you complete the trial installation?


Aha, thanks for your help

Aha, thanks for your help both.

I am testing in a virtual machine ... with Windows 2003 ... x86 !

So I have my answer. I'll do the test on a x64 machine and back to you after.




You are partially correct. You are presented with the "Deduplication Option" in both 32 and x64 machines. However, on 32 bit machines, you cannot create a DeDupe store. You can only use the OST functionality of the Deduplicaiton option.