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BE2012 - different media handling to BE2010 ?

Compared to BE2010 I've seen 2 differences in mediahandling of BE2012 - I just wanted to check if that's "normal" or a fault in my installation:

1. Deletion of old media sets:
In the media set its defined how long media sets are "writeprotected" bevor they could be overwritten.

In BE2010 the handling of "overwritable backupsets" was, that they are left on the device (USB oder B2D) till the space is really nedded - THEN they are deleted. The advantage was, that the available space was completely used and you could access even older backupsets.

In BE2012 the "deletable backupsets" are deleted as soon as they reach that point in time - no access to older backups is possible.

2. Backupsets on disconnected are deleted only in the database, not on the device
When USB or other removable diskbased devices are used, it happens very often in our environment, that backupsets that are no longer protected are deleted in the BE database, but not on the media, as the media (e.g. USB-disc) is not attached to the BE media server during that time.
When you try to reuse the disc, it's full, but when you check which backupsets are located on the device (in BE), none are listed.
The only solution so far is to check the bedata-folder manualy and delete the old sets that are still on the disc but not longer in the database.
We didn't have that problem in BE2010.

Have you experienced similar behaviour ?




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Did you have a look

Did you have a look at Media sets are basically used for tape and RDX based media. Disk based backupsets are managed by DLM (data life cycle management). With regards to the USB removable drives, that you are using as a disk based storage device in BE, seems to be working as design. Excerpt from the admin guide:


If the backup sets on a disk-based storage device expire while that device is detached, the catalogs for those backup sets are deleted. To restore from any backup sets, you must run an inventory and catalog operation on the device when you reattach it. When you run the inventory and catalog operation, Backup Exec sets a new expiration date for each backup set by using the backup set's original retention setting, calculated from the current date. The expiration date is also reset for any backup set on the storage device that expires within seven days of the current date.
If you want the backup sets to expire, you can disable the storage device property Limit Backup Exec to read-only operations. Do not run an inventory and catalog operation. Backup Exec reclaims the disk space on that storage device during data lifecycle management. You can also delete the backup sets.

Hi, Make sure you install


Make sure you install this hotfix that just became available yesterday here is the link

before you install it make sure you are upto date with all of your LiveUpdates 

Running LiveUpdate:  Make sure no jobs are running as In the Backup Exec Console click on the Backup Exec Button (located in the upper left corner). Select LiveUpdate. In “Welcome to LiveUpdate” click ‘Next’ After searching for updates the updates (if any) that are available will be displayed when the list is expanded click Next to install.

Following Live Updates:  Push-install the Agent for Windows (AWS- 2012) to remote computers after you install any live updates on the Media server to keep the remote computers updated to the same level.


Thx for the link - good

Thx for the link - good article !

That explains the different behaviour between be2010 and be2012 regarding the "when is data realy deleted" from devices - so far ok, understandable - but that's the way it is designed.

But what couldn't be explained thru this is the difference between the "database based view of be" and the "real existing datasets on the disc" which happened a lot of times.

Is it really possible, that be deletes backupsets only in its database, but not on the device (because it's not attached at that time)?





Thx for the hint, I installed

Thx for the hint, I installed the patch.

Let's see if it makes any difference.

Btw - liveupdate didn't list this patch - I installed it manualy.




Some of the Disk storage

Some of the Disk storage media retention issues in BE 2012 are not fixed in Hotfix 201596 but are planned for release in the same update that will support Windows 2012 etc. This information is of course subject to change.

As such do not expect Hotfix 201596 to fix conditiions where IMG folders are not removed from RDX drives or where backup sets are not correctly removed form USB disks because the action to remove them was taken when the USB disk was disconnected.

Both of these problems need a new version of the orphan (private controlled patch) if you do install Hotfix 201596




Thx Colin, so obviously I

Thx Colin,

so obviously I have to wait for the final fix.

When do you expect the release of the patch to the public? Will it be just a patch or included in the next SP?