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BE2012 or SSR2011?

Level 4

Ok, So with the launch of BE2012 which now offers Bare-Metal recovery what is the main differnce between the two products?


I have SSR2011 backing up all my servers and desktops to disk and then BE2011 dropping in to tape during the day. With the added functionally of Bare-Metal recovery in BE2012 does this mean SSR and BE are the same product now?



Level 4


As you know, SSR is based on a image based backup at a volume level. and from that image based backup, we can, in case of need, do a restore either file by file or as a complete volume. But SSR only supports Disk based backup

The Simplified Disaster Recovery feature (SDR) now built into BE2012 is based on the RESTORE portion of SSR.

In other words, with BE2012, you run normal backup jobs and if, as part of the job, you have selected both System State and C volume, your backup will be SDR ready. And that backup can be hosted on Disk OR Tape.

In case of a problem, your Restore experience from BE2012 SDR will be very similar to SSR except that SSR being a image backed Restore will be much faster that BE2012 SDR. Hard to tell by how much as it will be very Hardware dependant

Now obviously, with BE2012, you will also get BE features like Deduplication, much deeper applications agents (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle ....) and a much larger Hardware Support (Tape, Disk, VTL, Deduplication)

With BE2012, you also get a feature coming from SSR called P2V/B2V allowing conversion of a physical machine or a backup to a VMDK/VHD alloiwng a very quick recovery of a server using a VM.


Hope it clarifies the situation


Hervé Lequippe

Dir. Regional Product Management EMEA