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BE2012 sp3 - Exchange 2007 restore to PST

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I've been struggling to restore some mailbox items to a PST file, below is the error message I've received.

Restore 00014 -- The job failed with the following error: The object was not found, or could not be accessed (Exchange restore).

The Exchange backup is on tape and from a different media server which I've performed a catalog operation, the media server I'm performing the restore on has the Exchange and Windows agents along with Office 2010 (x32).  I've run outlook just to get a basic profile created and the destination for the PST file is a local disk on the media server.

There are no other event log entries other than the above error message to troubleshoot from, I've also checked this article out incase I'm missing something..





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Hello Dan,

Please refer to the following link and see if it helps:

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Thanks Siddhant,


I've checked the backupexec service account that is used by both media servers and it is a domain admin and a member of Exchange Organizational Administrators.

However I did have a thought with regards to the backup set, the tape I'm using is only part of the backup set and to get it cataloged on the second media server I had to switch off 'Use storage-based catalogs' and 'Request all media in the sequence for catalog operations'

The reason behind this was I don't have a clear record of media used for this particular backup and when attempting to perform a catalog media was being requested didn't appear to be linked to the full backup that was taken. (also there was a limitation to the number of tapes we could load at one time)


Just reran the restore job and in the Job Activity it has the destination as \\MediaServer\Microsoft Information Store\Fourth Storage Group, obviously the media server does not have Exchange installed so I wonder why this is listed as a destination when I've trying to restore to PST?