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BE2012 with USB external drives

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I have been looking at this on and off for weeks. I have wasted many hours reading forum posts, knowledge base articles and blogs.

I want to backup a machine to 2x USB portable drives which will be swapped on a daily basis.
I am backing up under 300GB of data.

I want to swap the USB drives on a daily basis so that they can be rotated offsite.
I estimated that I could fit 2 full backups, plus 8 incrementals, on my 1TB portable drive.
I created two disk storage devices, using both the USB drives.
I created a storage pool with both disk storage devices present.
I created a backup job with full/incremental and a 2 week retention.

The backup was working fine, until the drives filled up.
Backup Exec is not smart enough to remove the old backups?
Backup Exec doesn't seem to give me any way to manually remove the old backups?

The 2 weeks I have been stuffing around with this, I have not had a successful backup at all.
Today I cracked it. I went into the BEData folder on the USB drive and deleted everything. Now it has PLENTY of free space.
Backup Exec didn't like this and marked the drive as offline. So I brought it back online, but it still showed that it was full.
I ran a diagnostic which then fixed the free space.

I deleted my existing backup job.
I deleted my existing storage pool.
I created a new storage pool with the 1 empty USB drive and the 1 full USB drive (empty one is attached currently).
I created a new backup job, with ONLY a FULL backup, with a 1hr data retention.
I don't care about retaining backups. I don't care if each drive only holds 1 backup.
I just want to get a successful backup every night, so that at the very least I have the latest and greatest backup.

Now, with a new backup job that only does a daily Full backup, with a 1hr retention period, targetting a storage pool that has a disk with 921GB available space, the backup does nothing.
My backup job is sitting there with a status of "Queued" and operation "None".


HOW do I make a backup job that
a) runs every night
b) is successful every night
c) doesn't give a shit about retention
d) actually runs


This software is so frustrating. How do I make this backup software actually perform backups?


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Disk storage is now managed by DLM.  You might want to read this blog and my article to understand how it works, especially the part about keeping the backup chain until a new recovery point is created.


You should not delete backup sets from the disk storage.  This will create orphaned entries in the console.  You should delete them from the console by going to the Storage tab, right-clicking on the backup sets and selecting delete.