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BE2014_14.1 - Unable to Create Disk Storage

Hi All ... I'm getting BE2014 setup and we're trying to configre disk based Storage that points to a share on our ISILON NAS to store the our monthly / yearly backups and every time I try to create the Disk I get a "Unable to create the disk storage" error. The Sub error is "The paramater is incorrect"

I tested using the FQN, Share name, IP .. nothing works. 

I made a test share on a windows server VM and it adds no problem. 

Any ideas why BE isn't playing nice with our ISILON?


I've tried shortening the name, shorting the path .. no change. I have verified that the BESA has access to the share as well.



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Try something like this

Try something like this \\server\share for the path and shortening the name of the storage, and make sure that there is no other disk storage defined in the share.

Also, check the HCL below to see whether the device is supported.

If your NAS is capable of

If your NAS is capable of iSCSI, have a look @ this helpful article by a TA -

As I stated in my original

As I stated in my original post ... I tried shortner names and shorter share paths already, same issue. 

I'll look into the HCL though.

Hello, create an a record in


create an a record in dns, with the ip of the nas.