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BE2014 - backup to USB, drive letter issues, not online.

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Hi all,

I have a BE2014 server running on Windows 2008 R2, all patched upto date.

Backups are run to dedupe storage disks and duplicated to USB drives that are swapped daily and weekly.

When I swap out a daily USB disk BE2014 takes ages and sometimes fails to put the storage media online in the "Storage" tab.

If I go into disk manager and give the drive a drive letter then up it pops in BE2014 and works like a charm.

Is this normal behaviour? 

Once I unplug the drive and plug the next days drive back in, I need to re-allocate a drive letter in disk manager for BE2014 to see the drive again...


Any ideas?



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I think this is on OS issue as we are waiting for it to get a drive letter.


Note: I assume you are plugging this disk into the Backup Exec Server and not into something sitting on the back of another device with a share open (we do not support the plug/unplug detection if the USB disk is not attached to the Backup Exec server directly)

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BE recognizes USB disks by their diskid. Make sure the diskid of your disks are unique. See my blog below

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Whilst it is recognized by disk ID, I think it still needs a drive letter assigned by the OS to come online. Bear in mind the lack of a drive letter might be an indication that something else (the auto insert notification for instance ) has also not happened and we do need that to come back online.

I have seen test servers not give USB drives a drive letter and I think this gave me similar problem until I used the OS disk manager to give the drive a letter (although it was some time ago when I last saw this so I don't have all the details or the test server concerned any more)