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BE2015 GRT + HyperV

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I'm trying to setup BE2015 with HyperV 2012R. All machines are virtual and run on one box hyperv2012R2 with last patch. I want to run GRT backup on Active Directory (2012R2) and Exchange Server 2013 cu12/13.

I sucessfully backuped all virtual machines and I can restore individual files but I can't see option to restore Exchange Datastore/Mailbox etc. or AD object. In job definition I've checked option "Enable GRT for Microsoft Exchange and ..."  I've checked option "Delay the catalog operation and run a full catlog as separte job ..." but still I can't restore individual DataStore, Mailbox. 

To run backup I'm using two accounts, first one to access Hyper-V(standalone box in workgroup) and second to access aplication in Active Directory). During test I've created separete job and did backup using agent, I can restore emails into mailbox. 

My BE version 14.2 1180.2621 FP4.





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Your BE Server and Hyper V server is both physical? And your Active Directory and Exchange is both Virtual? If that is your setup, make sure to install the Agent for Windows not only on your HyperV but also in the Guest Virtual Machine as well, which resides on your HyperV to perform GRT.



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My BE server is virtual machine and it's running on Hyper-V server. I've only one phisical server. Agent for windows is installed on Hyper-V and other virtual machines. I can restore individual files from all virtual machines and all backup jobs are finished without any warnings or errors. 

I've problem with this new functionality from FP4, I can't see option to restore individual elements from MS Exchange, AD. Window which I used to restore individual elements from hyper-v backup contains only file and folder recovery option, no option to recovery aplication.