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BEDB remote Database Server crashed - how to fix?

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Hey Community!

I have a big problem and i don´t know how to fix it: We have lost a remote server where the MS SQL Server with BEDB was installed on. Right now i´ve tried to uninstall BE2014 and also switching to a now locally on the BE Server installed SQL Express - both ways are failing and i don´t know how to fix becaue i´m not allowed to recreate a server with the old DB Servers name.

Is there no way to switch to another database server when there is no access to the old one? If tried all db options in beutility but no luck :(

Has anybody an idea how to fix my problem?

My environment:

- Windows Server 2012 R2 (DC, Exchange and Backup Exec)
- Backup Exec 2014


Best regards from germany



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Have you tried to run bemig.exe to update the BEDB with the new name?


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What is the problem that you encountered when you try to uninstall BE and install it with a local BEDB.

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AFAIK Both the uninstall and BEUTILTY (CraigV I think you got the wrong name) require to talk to the BEDB during their processing as such if the BEDB is no longer present then I believe both options will fail (not that I have tried it)


I suspect your only way out may therefore be registry edits (assuming you have a copy of the BEDB that you can attach to another SQL or SQL express instance somewhere) If you don;t have teh BEDB then you may need an empty/blank BEDB instead


Problem with the registry edits is I think you will need a formal support case to resolve (and that case will probably have to get beyond first line support as well)