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BEMCLI Submit-BELinuxMacRestoreJob Use Backup Set From tape

We have a backup job that backups to disk. Then we have a stage that duplicate the data to tape. This works perfectly well.
We are trying to make a daily script that will restore the backup set that was duplicated to the tape and run a validation script on it.
Right now we have this:
$sGUID = [System.Guid]::NewGuid().toString()
$x = Get-BEStorage -name "Drive 01"
$objBEJobhistory = GET-BEjobhistory -JobStatus Succeeded -JobType Duplicate -Name "xxxxxx" -FromLastJobRun
$objBEjob = Submit-BELinuxMacRestoreJob -JobHistory $objBEJobhistory -Storage $x -LinuxMacSelection "/" -RedirectToPath "e:\temp\$sGUID" -AutomaticallyDeleteJob WhenComplete | Wait-BEJob
The first problem we have is that the restore is made from the disk instead of the tape. Even if we fed the cmdlet with the job history of the duplicate job and even by forcing the -Storage param. What are we de doing wrong ?
What we are trying to achieve with the cli, is easily doable in the GUI. If we click restore, I choose "Files and folder backups from a backup set". Basically, I want to choose a specific backup set and restore only the files that are in that specific backup set. Not all the files up to that point in time...
Any help wouldbe appreciated.
Thanks in advance