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BEMCLI - get backupsets stored on a specified tape


Is it possible to get all backup sets stored on a specified tape using BEMCLI?

I'm using this code to get all full tapes, and now want to report die backup sets which are stored on each of the tapes:

Get-BERoboticLibraryDevice | Get-BERoboticLibrarySlot | % { if($ -ne $null){Get-BEMedia $ | ? { $_.isfull -eq $true } } }


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Re: BEMCLI - get backupsets stored on a specified tape

Not sure what Get-BEJobHistory might return - as I think the resource backed up (backup set) and media labels might be part of the data in a Job History.

Bear in mind a job history records might go back to before the last overwrite of a specific tape, so you would have to filter for latest record as well as matching media labels.

Also any given tape may contain multiple backup sets (from different appending jobs, different servers and individual resources on each server) AND a single backup set might span more than one tape as well.


The other option is to somehow script text searching the catalog XML files for the media labels and then extracting the backed up resource info from the XML files that contains the media label.