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Level 3

In the GUI you can backup a DFS file structure by making sure user defined shares is ticked.  Is there a way you can get BEMCLI to see the DFS tree to backup or a UNC path, as everytime, i try to run a command with -path \\servername\share\folder\ it thinks the share is a volume when executing and fails.  

is it even possible via BEMCLI, as there is nothing on the help files or the good old internet.


Level 6

DFS/DFSR should not be backed up using the share unless you stop the DFS services during backup.  The files will be skipped.

DFSR needs to be backed up thru the Shadow Copy Components - User Data selection.


About backing up Distributed File System (DFS) in Backup Exec

How to backup the Windows Distributed File System (DFS) and File Replication Server (FRS) Data with Backup Exec




Thanks for the reply,

so DFS is out of the question, but can you still use a UNC?.