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BEREMOTE.EXE is not running

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Good afternoon,

I'm e-mailing because at work we experienced a phenomenon of the Backup Exec suddenly not working on Wednesday night.  This is on the heels of the Backup Exec working just fine the night before with a successful manual and scheduled Differential Backup.  The error code we receive is E0000942A.

We logged into the server to and at the bottom where the icon for the Backup Utility appears it says "The Backup Exec Client service, BEREMOTE.EXE is not running on this computer."  We open Services and see that the "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows" is set to automatic, however the status is blank.  When we double click and try to start the service manually it errors out just says Starting.  We have to issue the command in CMD to stop it from trying so that it does not remain hung up.

Also, in the Backup Exec Agent Utility if we try to select Publishing, a box pops up and says "Cannot obtain settings for the Agent for Windows publishing from the registry." We click "Ok" and it opens to the Publishing windows except all the information that was entered in previously is gone.

Can anyone help with this please? 



This sounds like something got installed on that server which is conflicting with our Remote Agent.
Would suggest to check if any OS updates or application updates or even a new application was installed on that day or the day before.