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BESR 8 causing hangs in Backup Exec 12


I am having a problem where BESR 8 is causing Backup Exec 12 to hang indefinitely if the BESR job launches while a Backup Exec job is in progress.  The BESR job completes but the Backup Exec job goes into a waiting state and never recovers.  The job continues to run long after the maximum configured run time (Options -> Job Defaults -> Enable automatic cancellation for selection list -> Cancel backup job if not completed within: XX Hours).  When trying to cancel the job manually, the status just changes to "Cancel Pending" and nothing happens.  Is there anything I can do to cancel the job? 

Obviously I have to adjust the schedules so this conflict doesn't happen but I don't think it should to begin with... is there a fix for this?



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Both BE and BESR uses Volume

Both BE and BESR uses Volume shadow Copy Service for Backups. The 2 Services, namely : Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider and Volume Shadow Service, the startup type must be MANUAL, as soon as a job is triggered, they will be in Started Mode.

Just look if these 2 services are in started mode after the backup is over.