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BEX 2012 BESA and BE SLA Account Change

Level 5

Hi All,

I have posted before about this.  Our MS2008 R2 server has been pulled from our old Domain and added to the new enterprise domain. Therefore, I've needed to set an account (with Admin rights) in our new Domain as the new BEX2012 BESA/BE SLA account.   BTW, we have not yet decomissioned the old domain and the old and new domains have a trust relation.

As advised, I first set this account as the service acount using BEUtility and then I opened BEX and used the Manage Logon Accounts to set this new account as default.  When I open BEX, it still shows the connection status as "Connected to localhost with the old domain username but with the new default logon account.

Also, after making these changes, within the BEX console window I now have 2 servers listed.  There is the original Server listed with all normal associated configurations eg. backups, etc., and a new Server with the same name but with the fully qualified DNS name.  Eg. ServerName vs.  

I want to use the new BEX2012 BESA/BE SLA account to replace the old domain BEX2012 BESA/BE SLA account, but for the original server.  I'm not sure why a new Server name was created, as the original Server was not created with a its fully qualified name.

Questions:  How do I make the new account the "owner"?  Can I just delete the newly create Server?  How can I connect to the Original server with the new User Name?

Tnx in advance!  


Level 5

Hi....I thought I understood my situation i posted about, but after reading tech articles, I don't.  Can someone help please!  

I created a new acount (which is a new account in our new domain that has admin rights).  I set this to default.  I used BEUtility to apply this account to the services.  

Now for ownership and SLA in general and current jobs.  I've read varying articles about SLA, eg. how to change SLA creds, change System Logon Account User name, etc.  

In "Logon Account Management" the SLA username and Owner of all accounts is still the old default acount name of the old domain (which is still active btw b/c we have not decommisioned the domain during this transition period). In "Test/edit creds" for my backup job, all logon accounts are set to "System Logon Account" which is this old domain account. Connection status is "connected to: localhost" "username: old domain account" "Default logon account: new domain account"

I'd like to know the definitive order/procedure to follow to have the new domain account be the SLA, Owner and be set in the backup job, before taking advice from articles that address only one part of this situation, eg. delete the SLA and set it to the new default account,  ie. change backup job Logon acocunts??  And there is the matter of a second server that was created/listed after I created and set the new domain "default" account.  

Help would be very much appreciated!