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BK Exec 2012 CASO/MMS Setup

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Hi guys,

ARGH, just typed and this once then the webiste binned me off, so I'll try again....

I have 2 servers, 1 local(MMS) and 1 remote (CASO) in my datacentre, not on the same domain. The CASO installed OK. But whenever I install the MMS It either A. fails to install due to not being able to authenticate with the remote SQL server or B. installs but then the Backup Exec media/device service fails to start and the error in the event log fails on connection to the database. I have done a UDL test in instance A. it will not succeed unless I provide credentials in instance B. it passes. Does the CASO MMS setup require that the servers be on the same domain? Seems incorrect if it needs that to function for a "cloud" product.


Any help is much appreciated.



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Hello Andy,

    Refer to the following technote :  Device and Media service fails to start on the MMS (Managed Media Server) with error : 0xe0008144 and Event ID :18456 on the CAS (Central Administrative Server) when the machines are in different domains

Also ensure that there is TWO WAY Trust relationship between the Domains.



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Thanks for that Sush, so there is no way to get this setup without them on the same domain or a trust between the two domains? I am presuming if we were setup to send the data to the Symantec cloud we wouldn't need to be on the domain, it seems crazy sending data to a clpoud solution that requires domains to be in place.

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Hi Andy

Sush is right. Where as the servers don't need to be in the same domain, a trust must exist between the domains. I've pasted the requirements for setting up a CASO below.

You mentioned about the Symantec Cloud. There are two options with regards to backing up to "the cloud"

1. Usiltise our Symantec .Cloud Solution

2. If you need to have BE on site but want to replicate to "the cloud" we work with a partner called Nirvanix to provide this. You can subscibe to their service. They then provide a "snapin" for BE which allows you to replicate data offsite.

CASO Requirements


Ensure that you have administrative rights on computers on which you want
to install CASO.
■ Ensure that when you installCASOon Backup Exec servers in multiple domains,
the Backup Exec service account is in the trusted domain and has administrative
rights on all of the Backup Exec servers that you want to use as managed
Backup Exec servers.
If the Backup Exec database for the central administration server is installed
on a SQL Server instance on a different computer, the account must be a domain
account with local administrative privileges on that computer as well.
■ Ensure that the central administration server and the managed Backup Exec
servers are part of a domain or domains. CASO is not supported in a workgroup.
■ Use only NetBIOS computer names for managed Backup Exec servers and
central administration servers. You cannot enter fully qualified domain names
or IP addresses as server names.
■ Ensure that you have the appropriate licenses for Backup Exec. A license for
Backup Exec is required in addition to a license for CASO.