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BKF files

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i have some .bkf file on my storage, the files were created by BE14.

I have re-installed BE14 after a crash.

When i do an inventory and catalogue on the storage, the .bkf files doesn't appere in BE console.

Same issue with BE20.

What can i do to correct this problem ?

Thanks for your help


There is no problem with the storage, i can read the BKF file with a tier software and they have a size on the disk, when i move it from the disk, i see the difference on the storage so i think the BKF are fine.

Any other idea ?

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this media B2D005283 that you earlier run an inventory and catalog on.
Can you make a copy of it and then rename it to B2D005289.bkf  Then run an Inventory and catalog of this media.
Please keep that sgmon debug enabled before you run inventory and catalog of above. Run the catalog with the use media based and use media in sequence deselected as suggested earlier.
Is the BE server where this catalog is being run a new installation or it has other disk storage configured as well.
Just confirming - On this BE server where the catalog is being run, you created a new disk storage and then copied the BKFs in it or the disk storage was already configured and had bKfs from earlier and you copied these BKFs in the already created disk storage ?