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BU 2012 - selection lists are gone - use what instead?

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I am testing BU 2012 in trial mode alongside our 2010 R13.


In the R13 installation we have a few selection lists that are used by a few jobs.

These selection lists define resources on several servers that have the (linux) agent installed.


In 2012 i have added 2 linux servers. I have created separate jobs for them (partial backups), and that worked fine.

Then i tried the "group" feature.

So i created a linux-group with those two servers, and created a job in that group.

The dialog to create a job for that linux group was very strange. Attaching screenshot.

When i tried to edit the seleciton for those 2 servers, i only had one choice, to choose "ROOT" for a "windows computer".

So i tried that.

And then 4 jobs were created.

2 new jobs had the same selection as the previous 2 separate jobs, and 2 new jobs seem to have Full ROOT selected for each server.


How does this work anyway??


And also, how do i simply choose "run now" on some job that already exists?


  wbr / Alex


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Another user in the forum reported that once you use the group feature, you cannot have selectively choose what to back up.  It is the whole server or nothing.

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Yes, it seems to be something like this.


I have done some more experimenting, and this is what i think i found:


When creating a group, then the already defined jobs for each server in the group will show up in that groups job-tab.

An i am able to shift-click to select all jobs too.

I even now put my glasses on and discovered that there is indeed a "run now" option when right clicking a job (or a group of jobs), however... that is grayed out for some reason.


So if only that "run now" option wasnt grayed out, i could do a backup of all servers if i only shift-clicked all jobs.

I wonder why its grayed out... No hit in the forum search.


Furthermore, if job(s) are created on a group, indeed i can only choose a full backup. But thats only at first. Once the jobs have been created, i seem to be able to edit the selection manually for each server.


Of course this makes sense. One can not assume that any two servers will have the same file system layout.


I still have no idea in which order all those group-created-but-separate jobs will run. And if i have to care about stuff that existed in 2010 (like specifying how many jobs could have access to a B2D folder at once).


With all the major restructuring that happened between 2010 and 2012, i wish the "diferences between 2010 and 2012" pdf that i have looked through was a bit more exhaustive.

But not quite as big as the 1342p big manual of course:)

Even though that is an improvement from the 2052p big manual for 2010.

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If you have a job definition that contains a Full backup and an Incremental (or other similar configuration) then the run now is greyed out. To un grey out the run now you have to expand the job definiton to see the separate stages and then you can do run now on the specific stage you want to run.