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BUE 21.4 & GRT with Exchange 2016 on Server 2019

Level 3

New server with Windows 2019 Standard install, clean install of BUE 21.4 (will attempt using the Veritas BUE Migration Assistant to bring over catalogs, etc.) and questions regarding restoring GRT-enabled Exchange 2016 mailboxes/emails.  I guess the biggest question is what are the requirements for the above scenario?  Is Exchange Management Tools still required for GRT mailbox restores like it was for Exchange 2010?  The system requirements pages I've found make no mention of Exchange Management Tools so I'm not sure.  I do remember in the past when we were running BUE 16, and Exchange 2010 that I had to do some special configuration for GRT restores to work, and it has continued to work after we migrated to Exchange 2016 and updated BUE to our current 21.4.



The Exchange admin center (EAC) is the web-based management console in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 that's optimized for on-premises, online, and hybrid Exchange deployments. The EAC replaces the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP), which were the two interfaces used to manage Exchange Server 2010.