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BUExec 10(d) unable to load DLO computer list from 10.0 database

Level 3
I have licenses of BUExec of different Win2000/2003 servers.
Win2000 server has BUExec 10.0 with DLO option. DLO has been configured and working fine for quite some time.
Win2003 server has BUExec 10(d) without the DLO option.

My workstation uses the 10(d) and gives me access to either server to set up and monitor jobs on both the 10.0 and the 10(d).
However, opening the DLO option on the Win2000 server produces the following error:
"Unable to load the list of computers from the database."

The DLO Settings and Users portions work just fine but I am unable to see the computers list.

Running the 10.0 BUExec DLO option at the Win2000 server console, everything is normal and the computers are listed.

I am curious about this bug. I have not been able to find any reference to anyone reporting this problem. It's too odd that everything else works 100% but not the DLO option computers database.

Level 6

Perform the following steps and verify the results.

1. Run Beutility from \Program files\Veritas\Backup Exec\NT

2. Add the Backup Exec server to All Media Servers ( File >> New >> New Media Server )

3. Right click on the Backup Exec server listed in "All Media Servers" and select "Repair Database"

4. Check the results after repairing the database

Thank You..


Level 3
ACWEBSVR is the name of the media server.
Performed steps as directed.
Both 10.0 and 10(d) returned the following when executing the repair database option:

Starting database repair.
Stopping Services
Stopping services for server:ACWEBSVR.
Stopping services for server ACWEBSVR completed.
Error: Internal database utility operation failure.
Starting Services
Database repair for server ACWEBSVR ended with errors.

Nothing has changed.
Can still access computers list at the server console with 10.0
Can not access computers list from workstation using 10(d).

Level 6
Hi Brian,

Try reinstalling the agent:

How to install the Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option desktop agent