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Back-up Exec Tape Folders Empty When Expanded



I have a back-up tape I have carried out numerous restores from on backup exec 11d. One day I ran inventory on the tape to another restore but when I tried to expand the folders to select the files I wanted to restore, the folders where empty. All the folders have a white circle with a ? in it. All the data is still on the disc and the tape is showing as not having been modified since the back-up was origninally done.Can you help me please?




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Hello Seamus, Could you

Hello Seamus,

Could you please run a Catalog operation on the tape? Rather, run an Inventory first and then a Catalog operation(the question mark in front of the folders usually means that Backup Exec could not read the catalogs associated to it). 

Please refer to the following link:



Cataloging tapes can take a

Cataloging tapes can take a fair amount of time.


To future proof this from happening again, check "Truncate the catalog setting after 2 months" in tools options catalog. You will need to monitor you disk space to make sure it dont fill up.



Do I have to catalogue the

Do I have to catalogue the media on to the local server or can I do this to a remote server? There is about 500Gb of data on this tape. Thanks, 


You need to run

You need to run Inventory+Catalog whereever you want to perform a restore i.e. the place where you have the Tape Device connected.