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We have back-up running on 2 tapes, scheduled to start every monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday at 11 pm. I manually change the tapes for back-up and verify after each step is completed.

On Friday, back-up starts at 11 pm, and after it finishes the first tape, it stays on hold waiting for the new tape until monday morning, when I feed the second tape and finishes succesfully after veryfing both tapes.

Everything is good so far. The problem is that after it completes the friday back-up (on monday) the job sets itself to start again on Tuesday night, instead Monday night, according to the schedule.


The only way I can make it start on Monday evening is by checking again the same day (althout it is already checked), submit the change, and everything is ok.

Problem is that I usually have a busy day on Mondays, and sometimes I just forget to do this, and I miss the back-up. This is not good at all.


Is there a solution or a work-around for this?

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Is this a standalone drive or a loader?



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Stand alone internal drive - HP DLT VS 160 drive.


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Any idea?

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