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Back-up vhdx files when using Agent to back-up

We have a Hyper-V server with two virtual servers installed on then. The hyper-v servers are installed on the D partition.
We back-up the servers with the Back-up Exec Agent.
My question is: is it nececary ro back-up the VHDX files as well?
Back-up takes a long time now and if we can skip the vhdx files because the servers are back-uped seperate by agent it will save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Back-up vhdx files when using Agent to back-up

Why are you doing agent backups of your VMs at all - best option is to use the virtual agent capability to backup the VHDX with GRT enabled (unless something inside the VMs is not supported by this mechanism)


Basically if you use a virtual agent process with GRT,  you get the ability to restore individual items (files, emails etc) from the content of your VMs but crucially also get the ability to restore the whole VM as a DR instead of having to do at lot of extra steps to recover the whole VM from a traditional agent backup (if it ever becomes necessary) Note: different licensing might be needed to use this other process which might be a reason why you have not done it this way.


Re: Back-up vhdx files when using Agent to back-up

One of the servers is Exchange 2013 and when you need to restore its better to do agent back-up. Other is large data server. When we need to restore the restore procedure of Hyper-v back-up needs the space of the vhdx after that is restores the file restore is done by Symantec. With the Agent back-up we can restore the files directly. 

We are using tape back-up.