Backing Up XP Pro with Large Number of Folders

I have an XP Pro PC that has folder that has a very large number of subfolders.

I can backup other folder on the drive.

Backupexec crashes when backing up the folder with the large number of subfolders.

The same issue happens with NTbackup.

I am able to use the DIR command to display the subfolders from a command prompt.


ANy help would be great.


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...sounds like an issue with

...sounds like an issue with the OS. Is Advanced Open File Option turned on for the backup?

Otherwise have you considered something like Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition? This would do image-based backups of the workstation.


what is the error message? 

what is the error message?  Is the issue the sheer number of files or directories?  the directory depth?  the directory path length?  as Craig said, those sound like OS limitations.

You might be able to zip them all in one big file, then backup the zip?