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Backing Up a Microsoft Hyper V Cluster

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Hi I am new to the world of backup exec and have a question or two -

Basically we have 2 server's connected to a san running a hyper V cluster and also a sperate windows 2008R2 server Running backup exec 2010 R3 with Hyper V, SQL, and Exchange agents.

in the selection list of a backup job under windows sytems I have several options I can select -

First off I have the cluster itself and then if I expand that I have the cluster storage node (A folder Picture) and also also a Microsft Hyper-V Virtual machine node (A server Picture) do I need to back up both of these or should I just select the Microsft Hyper-V Virtual machine node as they both seem to contain the virtual machine files can some also explain the difference if any in the 2?

Next under the windows sytems I also have a list of the Pysical / Virtual machines if I expand  the 2 pysical machines nodes that run the cluster I also have listed Microsoft Hyper-V which also contains a folder called Virtual machines, which is empty is there a reason why this would be empty? Also and finally on each of the 2 pysical machines there is a folder link which also points to the clusterstorage do I also need to back this up.


It seems to me if I select all the above I am backing up the virtual machines 3 times?


Also is there a guide anywhere on how to set up the backup correctly for a yperV cluster


many thanks





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Hi For your above 2 question ,I have found some link from symantec ,check if that helps to clear your dout to some extent by reading it, Thanks

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Those links are useless...

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I would say the only thing that you need to backup from the Cluster node is the Virtual Machines under Hyper-V HA. For disaster recovery purpose, you could also backup System drive (C drive) and System state of the physical nodes.