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Backing Up across the network to disk

Level 2
I'm trying to backup to disk across the network to a storage server.  Everything backups successfully except active directory and exchange.  I can backup exchange and active directory only if I uncheck the option to allow the restore of individual objects on each of these. (It will backup to disk with these options enabled only if I backup to the same server backup exec is installed on.)  Does anyone know a way to keep this option enabled and still backup across the network.  I have a separate backup tape drive and software install for exchange.  Everything else is backuped up on on another tape drive which put a road block on moving the backup exec software to the storage server.

I want to push both backup, exchange and the rest of the network to one storage server.

I'm using Backup Exec 11D.


Level 2
Thanks for the info but the problem I was ruinning into was backing up active directory and exchange to another remote server.  I would get an error saying that I couldn't use the restore individual objects option when backup up across the network.  It works if I uncheck this option but then I lose the restore options.

Level 6
From document 285753

Protecting Individual Mailbox and Public Folder Items

2. When using the Granular Restore Technology (GRT) feature to perform Exchange data backups setting the Device to submit the data to a Backup-to-Disk folder is preferred. This will allow an image on disc, which can be used to create restore selections dynamically, and could greatly reduce the time required to restore individual Exchange data items. Make certain the B2d location is on a Local NTFS volume and is not on a NAS, ISCSI or USB attached device.

With 11d if you wish to use the GRT functions, the B2D location has to be a local NTFS volume to the media server.

Level 6

one of the requirements for GRT type backup is that they be on locally attached (to the media server) NTFS volumes

One workaround might be to do B2D to a local drive, then duplicate to your network share.  To restore, you would need to either dumplcate back, or let BackupExec stage the entire backup on temp space on the media server so it can extract the selected items