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Backing Up files from a USB HDD

Hi Guys,

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out a backup issue I have been having lately (i have another unrelated thread open as well with other issues but this one I think is simpler in any case back on topic! ) . I recently installed a USB HDD and house my BESR system images on it, from there Backup Exec backs up these files to my nightly b2d and tape backups. The issue is, Backup Exec always returns a "corrupt file" error message on these images. Also it says can't open the directory that they are housed in above the previous message (which to me seems a little contradictory). As a test I fired in some random text files to the same folder just to check permissions these files backed up okay the first night however the second night failed. It isn't an issue of BESR and BE running at the same time and locking files as the BESR images are created at 2AM and the BE runs at 10PM so there is plenty of time for each to happen. I'm really at a loss here. if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

It is worth noting that my B2D job that is running is saving its .bkf files to another folder on the same USB HDD without problem.



EDIT: forgot to mention AOFO is enabled and using MS VSS as the snapshot provider.