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Backing up MacOS X servers

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Is it possible to backup an Apple Macintosh OSX server using BackupExec v9.1? Will the workstation agent work for server?

Level 6 says the the 9.1 agent supports

Apple Mac OS X Macintosh 10.1 (Client)
Macintosh 10.2 (Client)
Macintosh 10.3 (Client)
Macintosh 10.27 (Server)
Macintosh 10.28 (Server)
Macintosh 10.3 (Server)

Level 6
Additional Information :

--> Ensure that Mac OS you are using is explicitly tested with BEWS v9.1 from SCL.

--> Backup Exec Mac OS X agent should be installed from the Backup Exec v9.1 media CD or download.

--> Please find the MAC OSX agent in following folder on the media server.

\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\Nt\Agents\MacOSX

--> We suggest you to download and install the latest Macintosh Agent version 5.01 rev 5.045.

-- > It is free of cost, no license will required.

For detailed information on Installing and Configuring the Macintosh Agent on a Mac OS X Workstation, refer to the page # 596 onwards in the Administrator's Manual.

Level 6
Provided guidelines/information

Level 3
I have an OS X server with version 10.3.8 of the Server OS. I have installed the agent and created an entry in the hosts file for my media server. Dunring the installation of the agent, the media server is detected. As far as I can tell, the installation of the remote agent is successful, but after a restart, I am not able to 'see' the server on my media server. Any idea what's going wrong?

I used the most current verion of the remote agent.
If I am reading the above correctly, the server version of the OS is supported...