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Backing up Synology NAS is very slow !

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I'm Backing up datas (to an HP LTO-7 Unit, Backup Exec 2016 VRay edition) for a customer.

- Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V (3Vm's) : It works fine and fast ! 

- Synology NAS RS3617RPxs (2 NAS with HighAvailability Cluster) : It works, but it is very very slow ! Data discovering at startup takes a long long time ... And Backing up (2 To,, more ore less) takes a long long time too !

I decided to do a FULL Backup each friday (Week-end to backup, no problem), and to do a differential backup monday to thursday. But it seems that Backup Exec always do a Full Backup ... 

Why do i want to back up these NAs to an LTO tape ? because of cryptolockers and ransomwares ... It saved my life a few times !!!

Any help or advices ?

Best regards,



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You can only do incremental/differential backups when the BE remote agent is loaded onto the device/server

@pkh : Thank you for your reply.Ok, but in this case, no remote agents are loaded onto the nas ? and one more question : how to do a differential backup if no full backup has been made before ?

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BE does not allow you to do a differential backup without doing a full backup

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Backup Exec will do differential backups from NAS but it seems that getting this to work is pot-luck. We have had it working temporarily but then it stops.

Veritas say this is unsupported despite there being no warning about this in the documentation and they will not follow up on any support queries.

We have given up on getting this to work consistently and are now having to look at other products as Backup Exec is not fit for purpose.