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Backing up Synology NAS with Backup Exec 14


I'm trying to backup a Synology RS3412rpxs NAS using Symantec Backup Exec 14 in Server 2003r2

Eventually the SVR03r2 server will be connected via SAS to a Tape loader but for testing purposes at the moment I'm just backing up to a local drive.

My original aim was to map the Synology shares in SVR03r2 server and back those up in Backup Exec but I've had no luck with this.

I did, however, find that adding the NAS as a 'file server' would appear to work correctly and I could browse all shares OK, but all backups would fail. When testing credentials I found that the NAS credentials worked ok, but all shares beneath would fail.

I was hoping somebody could shed some light on the best way to do this



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Have you configured the

Have you configured the backups using this KB -

Credentials test would not work against shares, so i would recommend to run an actual backup. And what error does the backup fail with ?


Hi,   Mapped drives are



Mapped drives are associated with session logon and won't work. So you need to backup the share itself on the NAS. The TN below should assist you, even if it refers to BE 2012...the steps would be the same:

Your NAS should be listed on the BE 2014 HCL so check this out. 1 other thing you might have to do is to add the NAS admin account into the security section of BE itself.



Your NAS should be listed on

Your NAS should be listed on the BE 2014 HCL so check this out.

Generaly, NAS devices (as sources) are not listed on the HCL.  Tested NAS devices are listed for B2D purposes.


...bit of a slip, but OK,

...bit of a slip, but OK, thanks.


I did follow that KB but to

I did follow that KB but to no avail. 

I've attached the error log from the job - I believe it shouldnt find the agent on the NAS (fmdrackstation) and should use the local one on the svr03r2 server (manage01).



Even though it's irrelevant,

Even though it's irrelevant, it is still listed on the HCL which can only be a good thing yes


I see about 7,889 bytes being

I see about 7,889 bytes being backed up. Does the backup selections contain more data to be backed up ?

Lastly, the failure shows on "Unable to attach to \\fmdrackstation\BA", whereas the backup selections seem to be of "\\\C:" Would recommend to setup a backup job for just the shares and not any other backup source.

Would recommend to add the NAS (as a file server) using IP address preferably and do ensure a remote agent for windows license is present as well.


The 7889bytes being backed up

The 7889bytes being backed up is the succesful test backup from Manage01 (the local drive of the svr03r2 server).

I have indeed added the NAS as a file server using IP. Would I need an additional windows license for that? It's a linux based


Yes. You would need an AWS

Yes. You would need an AWS license to backup this NAS to comply with Licencing requirement, although it is Linux based. You are not going to load any remote agent on this NAS

Apologies for the very slow

Apologies for the very slow response time.

I've now had quite a while to think about this and to no avail so I'm really hoping somebody can help me.

I'm currently using Microsoft Server 2003 and have been trying to backup my Synology NAS.

I have: Added Server in 'Backup and Restore', chosen 'File Server or NDMP Data Server' and run through the rest of the wizard. Once completed I can edit backup and browse all shares.

I believe the problem is to do with the fact that my Synology NAS is being detected as a Windows Server. In the error log it is mentioned that a remote agent cannot be found.

Please could somebody advise me?



Alex: Have you tried or

Alex: Have you tried or considered integrating your NAS into AD? This would pull your user accounts across and get around authentication issues.

Just read the NAS's admin guide to find out the implications of doing so.



Was this resolved? We have a

Was this resolved? We have a similar situation except we run Windows server 2012 R2 & backing up from a Netgear ReadyNAS.

I am able to backup using the admin credentials for the NAS however not with any other user.

Also credentials tests only work at Top level and all fail at share level.

Any further suggestions?